Hey There!

If you don’t know who I am, my name is Sydney. I decided I am going to start putting my thoughts and musing somewhere outside of social media. I am craving a space to expand on relevant topics, share pertinent information and feel like I have my own home on this massive “interweb” that isn’t plagued by likes, follows, hashtagging and other social media craziness. I have found that over the past couple years writing has become somewhat therapeutic for me and I would like to use this forum to document my thoughts, develop my opinions, share stories and curate my own unique content.

So, what am I all about?! Creating. I love to create even if it’s just to fail. I have always considered myself a D.I.Y girl. I believe creativity is something that makes life infinitely more interesting and fulfilling whether that be filming, editing, photography, design, writing, or cooking something up in the kitchen on a whim. I love to make things that are fun and (sometimes fancy), but most important easy! Day projects are my favorite. If I can make it in an afternoon, than I am more likely to invest my time in to it. Making something from scratch gives me a sense freedom and purpose that is truly irreplaceable. Therefore, I have created this online space to share all my creative endeavors (good or bad) and to connect with others who are interested in doing the same!!

My hope is to create a habitat for personal self growth and creative exploration that sparks conversation with other bad ass ladies trying to pursue unique careers in this rapidly growing technological world. I love and appreciate any comments and submissions and read all of them! Thank you so much for supporting my blog and checking in!